Electric vehicle events are a great way to learn about what it means to drive green.

There are events all over upstate New York for you to check out the latest electric vehicles, talk to real EV drivers, and even take a test ride. If you're thinking about switching to an electric car and want to ask questions without any sales pressure, an EV event is the perfect place to start. 

Check back here periodically to find an event near you. 

Electric Vehicles 101 - Drive Green with National Grid Webinar

    Curious about electric vehicles? Join us for a free one-hour Electric Vehicles 101 webinar on Thursday, March 12th! You'll learn all about electric vehicles, charging, consumer benefits, environmental benefits, state and federal incentives, and Drive Green with National Grid, a program that makes electric vehicles more accessible for folks in upstate New York. 

    There will be two time slots offered on March 12th at 12pm-1pm and 7pm-8pm. Please register for a time slot.

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