Electric vehicle events are a great way to learn about what it means to drive green.

There are events all over upstate New York for you to check out the latest electric vehicles, talk to real EV drivers, and even take a test ride. If you're thinking about switching to an electric car and want to ask questions without any sales pressure, an EV event is the perfect place to start. 

Since COVID, we've started hosting virtual events! Scroll through our library of resources to explore past events and learn everything you need to know about the benefits of driving an electric car.  

Electric Vehicles 101

This webinar is a crash course in everything you need to know to make your next car electric, including information about incentives, fuel savings, environmental impact, and available makes and models.  

Watch: EVs 101

Ask an EV Owner

Nearly 100% of EV drivers report being extremely satisfied with their decision to drive on electricity. Hear from some real people who have switched to an electric car as they answer common questions about EV ownership.  

Ask an EV Owner

Charged up: Everything you need to know about EV charging

Making the switch to an electric car can be intimidating if you're used to refueling with gasoline. Watch this 40-minute webinar to figure out where you'll charge, how much it will save you, and why it can be more convenient than refueling with gas.  

Watch: Charged Up

5 ways you'll save on maintenance

When you switch to driving on electricity, you can say goodbye to oil changes, mufflers, transmissions, and all the other parts in gasoline-powered cars that require regular maintenance and give you grief with expensive repairs. That translates to big savings.  

Watch: Maintenance and Repair Savings

Buying a pre-owned electric car

Pre-owned electric cars provide great value at more budget-friendly costs. That makes all the benefits of electrification - including a lower carbon footprint, lower fuel costs, and zero noxious tailpipe emissions, to name a few - accessible to more people. Watch this webinar to learn what models are available and how to get the best deal on a pre-owned EV.  

Watch: Buying pre-owned

EV Experts in Upstate New York

What are state leaders, officials, and advocates doing to accelerate EV adoption? Watch this hour-long panel discussion with Clean Communities of Central New York, the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board and the Town of DeWitt to explore local EV initiatives.  

Watch: EV Experts

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