About Electric Vehicles

What's the difference between a BEV, a PHEV, and an HEV?

BEVs, PHEVs, and HEVs are all vehicles that have an electric battery. However, not all three are actually considered "EVs"! Learn more here.

Are there electric car tax credits or rebates that I can take advantage of?

Yes! Federal and state incentives can cut your costs by up to $9,500. Learn about these incentives and how to take advantage of them here.

What are the ranges of electric cars?

Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) generally have a range of 10-53 miles per electric charge, plus a back-up gas tank. Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) generally have a range of 100-250 miles per electric charge. You can see the range of all the vehicles in our program here.

What are the environmental impacts of electric vehicles?

Learn all about electric cars and the environment on our Environment page.

How does charging work?

You can charge your vehicle at home, at work, and/or on the go! Learn all about charging on our Charging page.

How do these vehicles handle in the snow?

Very well, due to a low center of gravity and excellent traction control. Learn more on our Winter Driving page.

What happens to mileage during the winter?

Mileage (miles per kWh) does go down during very cold weather when you run the heater and very warm weather when you run the AC. But the ranges listed for each make and model are pretty accurate on a year-round basis. Learn more.

How will charging an electric vehicle impact my electricity bill?

It depends upon how much you drive. In general, your electricity will go up by less than your gasoline bill will go down. Learn more about consumer savings here.

What servicing do these vehicles need?

Each model will have a different maintenance schedule. Generally, they will occasionally need a tire rotation and battery inspection, brake fluid flush, and an cabin air filter replacement. Overall, you can expect to cut your maintenance bill for your vehicle substantially! Learn more on our Consumer Benefits page.

Is it more expensive to insure an electric vehicle?

No, but you can check with your insurance agent to get further advice.

What if I run out of power on the road?

This is highly unlikely because the cars come with an accurate range estimator. It will estimate how many more miles you have on the charge. The cars might also come with 3 years of free 24/7 roadside assistance. If necessary, you could get a tow to the nearest charging station.

About Drive Green with National Grid

What is Drive Green with National Grid?

Drive Green is an electric vehicle program being offered by nonprofit Green Energy Consumers Alliance and participating dealerships on behalf of National Grid. Information on availability of select electric vehicle models are offered through our website. View the cars & sign-up for a test drive.

Who qualifies for Drive Green with National Grid?

Anyone is welcome to take advantage of the Drive Green with National Grid test drive sign-up form.

How do I participate?

You must sign up here and then work with the dealers you selected to make your purchase or lease. Once you sign up, the dealers will call you and it is up to you to follow up, ask questions, test drive, and secure the final price with the dealer when you buy or lease.


How did you choose the vehicles and dealers that are part of the program?

We focus on cars that are affordable and have good to excellent ranges. We regularly send out invitations to many dealers in Upstate New York. Those dealers that commit to providing good service to our referrals are chosen for the program.

What about Tesla?

Many people have heard about the impressive cars being sold by Tesla. In our view, Tesla is a very important carmaker. However, Tesla does not have a dealership in Upstate New York and while we have reached out to them, they are not interested in being a part of the program. We encourage you to consider the cars offered through Drive Green with National Grid.

Who is Green Energy Consumers Alliance?

Green Energy Consumers Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization doing business primarily in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, where it first launched the Drive Green program in November 2016. Our mission is to harness our power as energy consumers to speed the transition to a low-carbon future. In 2018, National Grid contracted with Green Energy Consumers to bring the Drive Green program to Upstate New York on its behalf.

Who is National Grid?

National Grid is an investor-owned utility that distributes electricity to much of Upstate New York.

Why is National Grid collaborating with Green Energy Consumers on this program?

In order to drive down CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, National Grid has partnered with Green Energy Consumers to help us educate our customers about the benefits of driving electric vehicles.

Are there any legal disclaimers I should know about?

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