1. "Wonderful! A comfortable, fun car that is good for our environment. I have saved the receipt ($18.76) from my last purchase at a gasoline station. Maybe I'll get it mounted."

    Don, Chevrolet Bolt

  2. "WARNING: Once you go EV you don't go back! I got mine last year and have since been asked by my fellow colleagues how I like it. The answer is I LOVE it. Instead of paying upwards of $60 a week in gas with my old Jeep Liberty, I now spend barely anything. Sometimes as little as $20 a month on gas. And these savings all add up! It makes financial sense, ecological sense, plus, it's so much more fun to drive an EV!"

    Bill, Ford Fusion Energi

  3. "Basically a computer on wheels. My first impression was that it drove like Luke Skywalker on his land speeder, a slight push on the 'gas pedal' and it rocketed forward using some magical, silent force. When you are considering your next car, make the Drive Green website your first stop to compare models and prices. We're fortunate to have a wonderful guide to ease our transition to a greener future."

    Bob, Chevrolet Bolt

  4. "The VW e-Golf was my choice because of its restraint; it didn't have to try too hard to LOOK like an electric car to BE a great one. 1 year later: no maintenance of any kind, I can achieve 98% of my driving needs with 80-100 miles of range, and I've opened the hood only twice; I'm a car guy, that says a lot. I'm electric forever!"

    Dave, Volkswagen e-Golf

  5. "I am so excited about my new all-electric car! I really wanted to take the next step in reducing my carbon footprint. Electric cars are the future - we're going to see more and more of them all over the world, and it's cool to be a part of that. It was time. So now I have this spiffy new car - sleek and quiet. Charging is a bit of an attitude shift but so far has been really easy. I don't see it ever being a problem. And I'll NEVER GO TO THE GAS STATION AGAIN :) Also, no more oil changes - these cars are super low maintenance. Wow. Just wow."

    Sally, Chevrolet Bolt

  6. "[The Nissan LEAF] really is quite fun to drive! The e-pedal is great, I can come to a complete stop without pressing the break. It takes turns really easily too, I never have to shift off the throttle. It really does drive quite sporty. You can even heat the car up in the garage and put it on a timer and it'll be warmed up when you get in it. [EVs] have a lot of advantages."

    Peter, Nissan LEAF

  7. "Since buying the Bolt, we have driven it over 7,000 miles. We love it! Where we really expect to win with this car is maintenance: there's no oil to change, no muffler to rust out, and brake pads and rotors will wear very slowly because we use regenerative braking most of the time. We checked the manual recently to see if we were due for scheduled maintenance, and there is far less scheduled maintenance than with a carbon-burning car. And no carbon emissions! All in all, this car really proves that electric cars can be practical for most people."

    Rand and Carolyn, Chevrolet Bolt

  8. "[The Toyota Prius Prime PHEV] feels like exactly the same car [as our old Toyota Prius Hybrid], only with all the mechanics and technology twice as refined in every way. The way it drives is wonderful - the electric motor is so smooth and responsive. I was a little concerned about having to charge it outdoors since we don't have a garage, but it's been really simple - even in the rain! It's our only car, so we use it for everything, but still drive it practically all the time in full-electric mode, and very rarely have to turn on the gas to use the hybrid mode."

    Werner, Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid

  9. Thanks to your program myself and a co-worker have made the leap to electric. I love my new Volt. I have put almost one thousand miles on it, but only spent about $25 in gas! The ease and convenience of using a regular plug and outlet make charging easy, as I didn't have the expense of installing a pricey charge-specific outlet. The standard features of heated seats and steering is huge. My last car was a Chevy Blazer that I had almost 18 years, so the new updated computer features have been really exciting. I never thought I could afford a new vehicle, especially an electric vehicle, but the incentives were too good to pass up for a lease. Two of my co-workers have also purchased Volts, so we compare charge point locations! I picked up my son at college yesterday and the fold-down back seats were very handy. The best part is the color- love the Blue!"

    Kathleen, Chevrolet Volt

  10. "I heard about the [Drive Green] initiative from a friend. I checked out the website and was easily able to pick out the right car for our family - the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. From there, the whole process was seamless from connecting with the dealership to purchasing the vehicle. Since a majority of my driving is local, I can go days on electric power. It was so nice to receive the [state rebate] and then a $5,800 credit on my federal taxes. I love driving my Outlander PHEV around town and get many compliments."

    Lindsey, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

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